A newcomer from another world of RPG. Alastor once served for the villainous king Ventos he is also the older brother of late unknown younger sister. Alastor made his debut on Scrabout 2015 a newest scrabble series along with his rival Zara. Alastor is very tall man with long hair and good-looking person.

Past Life Edit

Alastor is not quite but a confident person he serve to work with Ventos in his castle and has her assistant Camille on his journeys. While he work for Ventos he met Zara Schustra and become best-friends since childhood. He make their first battle in finals but the fight was interrupted when Ventos blow the megahorn that causes all monster wrecking havoc.

Personality Edit

Alastor is not a quite but confident person. He is insanely a nice guy and he able to save Camille and loyal to Ventos. He is friendly towards Zara starting from childhood to adulthood.

Scrabout 2015 Edit

Alastor and Zara were added as the last persons who enter Scrabout 2015. Because of that they were participate each other in the first game of Scrabout Tournament Series 1 against Ran and Yamura but Ran wins the game leaving a disappointing lost to them. Alastor congratulates Jayvees as the champion of that series.

Alastor returns the game on Scrabout Tournament Series 2 in Fight 2. Because he will gain his effort to study scrabble and he match against Adjaua, Arances and Myosotis but he leave fourth place and returns to Fight 4 for Scrabout Tournament Series 3. In third Scrabout Tournament Series Alastor returns to Fight 4 battling against Edmus, You and Cyan but mercilessly score over 200 that win in the fight and advance to the finals.

In the finals he fought a match between the winners are Conan, Yamura and Nortis. Alastor doing the great job in the finals and winning the batch but almost. He fills blank of all the tiles with 21 score but he scored 165. Shockingly Nortis scored 166 from the loss of three points leading Nortis the champion. Alastor awfully express his emotion and that time but the board said Alastor and Nortis are qualified to Champions League 2015 because of Nortis' consent. Alastor crying and thanks to Nortis for making him in the spot of the big event but Nortis said one day he will battle on that league as return.

Alastor made his appearance in Scrabout Tournament Series 4 cheer for Zara. But Zara having third place much to his disappointment. Alastor loves to watch all tournament series when he said that he loves it also he loves to watch Zara lose in the matches like Scrabout Tournament Series 5.

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