John Rey Arances
Placeholder person
Arances as he appear after his graduation
Vital statistics
Title Great Preceptor (41)
Gender Male
Status Single
Parents (unknown deceased father)

(unknown deceased mother)

Appearances Episode 1
Portrayed by Jayvdale
Birthday November 5
Age 21
Best Word not shown
Best Score not shown

The third person and the protagonist of the scrabble series. He is greater knowledge of Scrabble.


He is a college graduate along with Steve and his enemy Viper. They are relationship is still to be rival and he had speculation with Nortis and Adjaua. Arances having a work with Steve in Taxi company of Davao City so he will be back later when the tournament start.

First AppearanceEdit

Main AppearanceEdit

Arances made his appearance in New Era of Scrabout alongside Nortis , Steve and Cyan. They are met up each other while Adjaua and Jayvees are not here to meeting. Arances is also commentary with Steve because according to him they later trained and powered Nortis due to his championship on CSAA.

Battle AppearanceEdit


Steve is going for work starting Episode 4 until Episode 9 with Steve for the taxi company.