Atlus is the aspiring player on Scrabble and he registered to play scrabble every time his debut on Scrabble Photos Tournament making his first tournament in his life. His personality is nervous but his nervous removes when the game starts or he lost against Crusada. Atlus participates in two Scrabble Photos Tournament but he never get an opportunity but he was selected as Cameraman No. 07.


Atlus making his tournament debut in Scrabble Photos Tournament but he lost in First Elimination Match against Crusada.

Atlus returns to the tournament in Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 on November 2015. He registered as Player No. 0062 but the board selects him for the spot of Cameraman No. 07. His opponent for the spot is Kinglor. Atlus defeats Kinglor with the score of 294-287 and because of this. Atlus is now Cameraman No. 07.