Bellarius is the newcomer since he registered on December 2012. He defeats the former champion Bantog. He had make rivalry with the B players. He is also remain undefeated and now professional player but Anti-Hint is the first player who defeated him with onslaught score.


Bellarius was born September 21, 1994. He was the friend of Erebus and Kalaxia and force them to enter Scrabble Photos TournamentBellarius defeats three enemies in a row because of their fragility and he make a sudden bingoes to the opponent that will leave them lose the match to him. No one could stop him in these matches.


Bellarius is reveal talkative uncalm situation. But his talent of scrabble make his perfect he is color red and black attire that his very first favorite attire in his life.

Scrabble Photos TournamentEdit

Bellarius make his appearance of the tournaments the first tournament having his first appearance and battle against Eahgnod but lost.

But Bellarius returns on the sequal register as No. 0081 but failed to managed the contestant seat of second Scrabble Photos Tournament of 2015. He was selected as Seat Helper No. 06 West and his opponent was famous hint slayer Anti-Hint but defeated with the score of 239-424 and lose the position of Seat Helper No. 06. His reaction after his first lost was he was being unlucky for this game.