Byll is the participant of Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 currently fighting for the position of Contestant No. 29.


Byll was second year and first honor student of MonCast in the first class section, he is the one who meet Jayvees in entrance. Byll was different and outsider furthermore he did colliding a respective teachers. Byll and Versong are only representative in the first season of single elimination tournament. Byll is now the official player of the first season of tournament 8-player single elimination division created by the two creators of this wiki are Jayvdale and MrScrabout he is the sixth person who was qualify and he is a representative student of MonCast and his hint is a good friend. He is assigned in Game 1 against Garuda and lost.

Byll graduated on MonCast along with many of Jayvees friends Adjaua, Nortis, Conan and Sellar etc.

Byll become disappointed for his records so he enhance this by entering Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 and praying the luck to become its contestant.

Scrabble Photos TournamentEdit

Byll enters Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 registered as Player No. 0079. He was chosen for the position of Contestant No. 29 and his opponent was Kilose an anime fan.