Cipar is a married man participating Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 fighting for the position of Contestant No. 19.


Cipar is one of the host of the tournament season 2. He was called himself as the intelligent person of Massachusetts and reaches 600 score on his training anytime. His father was the guitarist on the band Apollo. And his girlfriend is also the pianist, they will plan to be married on his 25th birthday.

On his 25th birthday he is actually happily married with one child by his girlfriend now his wife. As of April 18, 2016 he is 27 years old and resuming his scrabble career via entering Scrabble Photos Tournament 2.


Cipar enters Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 for his family registered as Player No. 0033. He was chosen for the position of Contestant No. 19 and his opponent was Bang a korean music prodigy.