Crusada is the weapon first appeared on Cloud Line: Legends participating on Cloud Line Tournament 1 become in Top 16. He was also entered Scrabble Photos Tournament still in Top 16. Crusada is registered on second Scrabble Photos Tournament will take the role as an Usherette.


Crusada participates in the weapon tournament held on March 2013. He successfully defeat Thrall but lose to Lapizlazuli.

In Scrabble Photos Tournament Crusada registered as contestant. He defeats Atlus in the first game and he was defeated by Edgeworth.

Now in the second Scrabble Photos Tournament declared on October 2015 Crusada was registed as No. 0020 and taking the role of Usherette. His expression is disappointed but he is calm. His opponent is Qi for the Usherette No. 02 Battle. Crusada was defeated by Qi in the match scoring 253-324.


  • Crusada is the light-nature combinational element type that total as balm. First is the nature then the light which it also has the weakness which is unknown about him. He is name during Ash Wednesday as he was created in that day. An epic beautiful weapon is aggressive against the dark and water element (oil element).[1]