Cyan Hadonow
Cyan in college student
Vital statistics
Title Senior Attendant (2)
Gender Male
Status Single
Parents Blue Hadonow (father)

Maria Hadonow (mother)

Appearances Episode 1
Portrayed by Jayvdale
Birthday May 5
Age 16
Best Score 70


Cyan was a first rival of Nortis since they met in college with Adjaua and Jayvees when after Steve, Arances and Viper left. Cyan was a ventilated thinker and same expression of silent. He hopes to become a next Scrabout King . Cyan fought a battle with Nortis and lose. He return to watch the fight between Viper and Nortis in the temple. He is also the member of Monk He to meeting with other members.[1] Cyan returns to fight Jayvees first before Viper when he bullies Edmus without reasoning session as he can see he meditated a crucial battle on him and if defeats Jayvees he is going to next is the person who defeat him most.[2]


Cyan was a cyan eyes and hair a cold-blooded personality and he seems terrific one.


Cyan's main role is to become stronger in the organizations and communities. Cyan is a ferocious and seeker among their age during this era.

First AppearanceEdit

Main AppearanceEdit

Cyan made his appearance in New Era of Scrabout alongside Nortis , Arances and Steve. They are met up each other while Adjaua and Jayvees are not here to meeting. Cyan fought a battle with Nortis and Cyan was picking a fight to them when he met up them. Cyan discovers his identity during the battle that he about to lose to Nortis for someone.

Battle AppearanceEdit

Cyan uses his cold strategy that could whack them in situation without harm and dangerous parts. Cyan firstly attack Nortis and he solve a +50 score. Cyan has a TRI abilities looks perfect for the Monk He members.[3]


Cyan has live and background of Yosemite , Iceberg, and Mt. everest the biggest mountain. Which he grows stronger.[4]

Season 1Edit

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Nortis 1 Lose
Jayvees 8-9 TBD?

Cyan appears to be power and he routed his opponents but Nortis and Jayvees are harder enemy he mean his stratagem looks vulnerable to catch up with them. Cyan saids to his enemy that he will never lose each other. Cyan appears again to fight Jayvess by bullying Edmus as a bait.


Cyan joins to the new tournament for the profile picture.


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