Edmus the robotic racer that who onslaught the scrabble player and he is the secret weapon of section A and the man of the day, he run fast, jumps higher but his weakness is being crashed or stunned by some concrete objects.

Edmus Marathon
As a racer and as appeared in Scrabout
Vital statistics
Title Junior Attendant (1)
Gender Male
Status Robotic
Parents Mr. Marathon (father)

Mrs. Marathon (mother)

Appearances Episode 7
Portrayed by Jayvdale
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Edmus was a small thin robots and being bullied, But Edmus refers the determination and he is the only commentor of the three episodes and were collateral as one to conserve his unity, Edmus meets Jayvees, Nortis an Adjaua someone tells some misunderstanding so he way to battle but Cyan and Viper stops him and kicked outside, Jayvees arguing them about what they done so Viper deals Jayvees when he was defeated to him will stop quarelling Edmus anymore.[1][2]

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  1. Scrabout Episode 7
  2. Scrabout Episode 8