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March 25, 2012Edit

Nortis was a first character, and the main protagonist on the scrabout series. He was a blurred and freshmen in college want to be destined to become king of Scrabout. He was first year after Steve, Arances and Viper. They are in same rooms with Jayvees and Adjaua while Cyan's classroom was different, they are studying the fields of IT (information technology). Nortis uses Hint to take down Monk He once and for all with the help of Jayvees with those person who joined Nortis to aid him in battle. Learn More.

March 28, 2012Edit

Yosemite Yosemite is a beautiful land in National Park. It is first appeared in Episode 1 and used by Cyan on his battle. The Yosemite has a black and white, like night and winter version because it is more beautiful and best in Desktop Background it was first held early 21st century like now. Learn More.

April 2, 2012Edit

Greek Mythology Zeus Temple symbolized the might of the Greek empire in the ancient world. The ancient Greek Temple of Zeus was built in the sanctuary at Olympia. This sanctuary consisted of temples dedicated to the Pan-Hellinic deities. The temple was located in the enclosure of Altis which was a sacred groove in the sanctuary. Learn More.

April 29, 2012Edit

Sellar a young girl, desperate to stop her parents from fighting, Sellar Dore ran away from home. Now, years later, she learns her village has been struck by disaster. Before she can face her home again, she's going to need to raise the money to get there! "Misplaced something? I will find it!" - Sellar Dore, Item Huntress. Learn More.

May 6, 2012Edit

Autumn Forest are peaceful, enchanting, and beautiful. Forest serve as a safe haven for many creatures. I find forests an endless supply of wonder and inspiration. Please enjoy the following selection of images. Please click on the images to see even more pictures of beautiful forests from some of the artists featured on this page. Learn More.

May 9, 2012Edit

Garuda is a new pilot, he studied in Aviation course and he flight to the world. But he want to is to enter the Season 1 in tournament when he applied to me and I accept as a official player. Garuda visits in airport for training but the manager told him that he will be teached if he won in one tournament. Garuda is a first champion of the firstest season. Because of this champion, the manager hired him in many heroism, expectation, reason, and objections. Learn More.