Galactic was the one of the host of Scrabout Tournament declared on November 2012. He likes galaxy and studying science and astronomy because he wants to dream as one of the astronaut. He was playable onto the new tournament for the profile picture. He was also confirmed to return on Scrabble Photos Tournament (2015) and successfully defeats Eahgnod to claim a Set Helper No. 03.


Casimiro is very proud one. The only host who survived the first elimination game when he defeated Casimiro but defeated by Edgeworth in second game. Galactic retuns to the Scrabble Photos Tournament of 2015 registered as Player No. 0034 and his opponent was Eahgnod. He won the game against Eahgnod with the score of 296-273 and because of that he gain the role of Seat Helper No. 03.