Igacos is the participant of Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 fighting for the position of Contestant No. 20.


Igacos is the bestfriend from Island Garden City of Samal and participates all of scrabble games from the said place. He goes on Monkayo to fight with us. He left immediately to the said place after he was eliminated on second day in Royal Rumble.


Igacos enters Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 to prove himself for his bestfriend where still outta nowhere. Igacos registered this Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 as Player No. 0073. He was chosen on the position of Contestant No. 20 and his opponent was Bin Laden. Bin Laden is based of the character of Osama Bin Laden but the Bin Laden character was used as his alias according to Jayvees.

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