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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template is not on the Starter Pages Wikia. It can be copied to other Wikia sites, but it is not included on any by default.

This template is used to create a character infobox.
Type {{infobox show character|...}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
{{infobox show character
| name         = Bob [defaults to pagename]
| image        = File:Example.jpg  [optional]
| imagewidth   = [optional, defaults to 250px]
| caption      = Bob the Flower [optional]
| gender       = Male
| status       = Still growing
| spouse(s)    = Betty [optional]
| parents      = Flora [optional]
| children     = Seeds [optional]
| appearances  = In the Garden
| victories    = 0
| best word    = FLOWERING
| kingdom      = Botanica
| portrayed by = Plastic Flower
| birthday     = January, 1
| age          = 11
| best word    = Gardening
| best score   = 75

Results in...

Bob the Flower
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Still growing
Spouse(s) Betty
Parents Flora
Children Seeds
Appearances In the Garden
Portrayed by Plastic Flower
Birthday January, 1
Age 11
Best Word Gardening
Best Score 75

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