Jayvees (real name Jayvees Dale Mante) is a lonely person who do not speaks and non confident person. He was always act he is okay or feeling good. His personality is strictly unknown at the moment. Jayvees was recognized as the best player of the year of 2015.

Personality Edit

As according to his meaning Jayvees personality is strictly unknown at the moment. He looks sad and lonely and no reasons why. Jayvees was actually crazy in his life and the battlefield. Jayvees is a super quite person and intelligent that making no defeats in Scrabout Tournament Series with luck on his side.

Scrabout 2015 Edit

Jayvees register in October 3, 2015 in Scrabout 2015 tournament and was confirmed on Scrabout Tournament Series 1 that occured on October 11-12, 2015. He fought the battle between You, Sellar and Myosotis and win and he advances to the finals. In his finals he fought the battle with Steve, Versong and Ran and become the first champion. He is qualified to enter to Champions League 2015. He have the total of two bingo'es in the game and was recognized as the best player of the year by his fellow rivals.

He appeared as a fan crowd on October 17, 2015 and he watch all the matches including the finals. Jayvees is very proud of his friend Steve for becoming champion in the Scrabout Tournament Series 2.

Jayvees was mention of all of the tournament series by the commentators.

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