Kernel is a participant of tournaments Scrabble Photos Tournament and Scrabble Photos Tournament 2.

Story Edit

Kernel is the veteran player and the adventurer. He registers many scrabble games to gain his collections. He receives too many semi's and final runner ups even he receives many champions. He is living in Cagayan De Oro, migrating to Japan. He comes here to play scrabble so that he is the most participating player of all time.


Kernel enters this tournament to become a champion. He doesn't care about his representative picture and was defeated by his first opponent named Noob. He leaves immediately after that and he can't come to the closing ceremony anymore.

Kernel make its return and participating Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 and is registered under the Player No. 0094. He was chosen to play the position for Contestant No. 10 and his opponent is Palmer.

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