Main Host

Adjaua (1st), Bantog (2nd), Cipar (3rd) and Galactic (4th)

Main Host are the people who participating this event as the host. The four main host led from the lowest to the highest in the game. Adjaua will be the main host and he leads the host of all matches for the scrabble game real life tournament declared on December 2012. Galactic will be host for the semi-final match and Bantog and Cipar will be the host for the finals. The four hosts are assigned commentator in all matches. The judge is also the master of scrabble are Computer, Hint and Anti-Hint. In Scrabble Photos Tournament two out of four host enters the tournament to reperesenting their respective profile pics.


Played by:

Adjaua (Main Host)

Played by:

Bantog (Co-Host, Host of Finals)

Played by:

Cipar (Co-Host, Host of Semi-Finals)

Played by:

Galactic (Co-Host of Elimination Round)


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