Monk He are the enemy organization in the Scrabble Series. They are want to become powerful and better picture. They read the romance story called The Monk: A Romance.


Monk He is founded by the mysterious founder that who was inherit in his throne. That person is assigns twenty-four leaders to enhance the population of the organization. Most of them are the good ruffians and misery. Monk He is very poor state due to Computer's power.

LIst of LeadersEdit

Viper is the leader of Monk He. He was promoted after his graduate in college, he is really powerful than everyone. He is experience of poor state due to Computer so he is need to survive and reaching his goal. He was the partner of Cyan Hadonow.

Salarin is the leader of the Monk He. He is the welfare and powerful, he warns Viper to be careful of his term and keep it secret. He was partner of Criminal.

List of MembersEdit

Cyan is the loyal member of the guild. He is the assistant of Viper to make their guild stronger.

Criminal is the loyal member of the guild. He wasn't seen in battle and anime.

Enemies of the OrganizationEdit

Hint is their enemy, He detest the following members of the Monk He for such unknown reason. He replaced to Nortis place to hide because their goal is to destroy Hint.

Jayvees is also enemy, Because of that he is witness about Viper and Salarin's strategy. He beats Viper many times and he is barely accupuncture.