Nortis is a good-looking person and very friendly to people around him.

Personality Edit

This guy has many personalities because he become the professional mentalist like his father Nomer Lasala. Nortis is very friendly in terms of his job and personalities. He even add Alastor to qualify the Champions League even he defeats him with 1 point.

Scrabout 2015 Edit

Nortis enter the spotlight for the first ever Scrabout Tournament Series 1 he is confident to win against them in the game. He fought the battle between Adjaua, Versong and Cyan but ended up third place. He entered again in Scrabout Tournament Series 2 and appears on Fight 3 between Arnel, You and Zara but ended up third place again. Being in the third place doesn't disappoint him because too much strong opponents to handle especially Versong and Zara he ready to rivaled them.

Nortis enters the Scrabout Tournament Series 3 and plays on Fight 3. He fought the battle between Versong, Adjaua again and Viper. He test Versong as the worthy rival as well as Adjaua on the game and finally defeats them on 35 and 37 lead to Adjaua and Viper respectively and advances to the finals. In the final of Scrabout Tournament Series 3 he just played the game with the winners. His opponent in the finals are Conan a newest member of Scrabout, Yamura and Alastor. Alastor deals a devastating damage in the game but Nortis spared a bingo saving his life from that blow and win as the first place. Alastor has the score of 165 while Nortis has 166 that is difference of 1. Because of 1 difference the board decides that two of the players are now promoted to Champions League 2015. Nortis agreed to make Alastor qualified to the Champions League even he was second and Nortis will fight Alastor someday in the Champions League.

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