The Tournament
Season 1, Episode 10
Written by Jayvdale
Directed by Jayvdale
Music Theme guide
Ending Song lights out
Battle Word
Fight Nortis versus Jayvees versus Sellar versus Versong
Background Gymnasium
Character Versong, Garuda, Crystalkin, You
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Salty Solution
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This is the first season and tenth episode of the series of the day. It will aired on youtube on ?



Nortis and his friends is joined the tournament, for the college edition on August. When they inside the gym Versong finally appears in the public and the four qualifier contestant is wanna choosen to play in four battle match if who is the first and the second will go to first round. Suprisingly the only four people have passed is Jayvees, Sellar, Versong and of course our pro player Nortis was still in passed in the replace of Adjaua that has been beaten in the cheating battle. You performs the strategy that showed to the audience, he formed a combination strategy and Hint made it's worst expectation to You. Jajude was emerge the crowd to yell in the significant manner. And discovered that Jayvees and Versong are the student of Bukidnon State University of Monkayo and all of people shocked in the silence in vicinity.