Pick Fight
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date May 31, 2012
Written by Jayvdale
Directed by Jayvdale
Music Theme guide
Ending Song lights out
Battle Word
Fight Viper versus Jayvees
Background Elvis Chapel
Character Edmus, Mike
Episode guide
Memo huntress
Cyan Sea of Vengeance

This is the first season and seventh episode of the series of the day. It will aired on youtube on but it was stopped because I will study.



Jayvees overcomes Sellar in the battle on the basketball court. While Jayvees and Adjaua walking and the man named Mike is going to call Jayvees that he has something to say, While they are heading home they are interrupted by Nortis because someone he saw the strange actions of Cyan and Viper are accused of bullying the short guy on the streets of Mongado. So Jayvees decided to go and follow Nortis to stop the problem of two, Viper is leading first in front of Jayvees for making revenge, Nortis joins but Adjaua blocks him to guard on the fight while Adjaua discuss Cyan about the temple. So Mike seen a surprise that leads his father uproar.


The Battle uses a coax background that interrogates and no chances of passing. Viper says only 15 minutes of video (or it contains one episode).

Jayvees vs. ViperEdit

The picture does not shown but never from now on.


The winner of the battle is Jayvees.