Cyan Sea of Vengeance
Season 1, Episode 8
Written by Jayvdale
Directed by Jayvdale
Music Theme guide
Ending Song lights out
Battle Word
Fight Jayvees versus Cyan
Background Oceans
Episode guide
Pick Fight
Salty Solution

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This is the first season and eighth episode of the series of the day. It will aired on youtube but was cancelled



Jayvees defeats Viper normally, Cyan has the additional problem if Nortis mentions Monk He and proves that above Viper is the good leader which means he is most intellectual honest. Jayvees battles Cyan in the relentless mode the rule is no passing in this turn then Cyan activates his background which means the cold ocean so Nortis might be clueless about the background. Nortis is being search for justice about Brylle's severe injuries and Hint's loses of hint power.


Jayvees decides the relentless mode war. Cyan uses new background that the revenge will use in the game.

Jayvees vs. CyanEdit


When Viper's lost the battle, Cyan tells about You.

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