Subaru is the participant of Scrabble Photos Tournament 2015 and the Seat Helper No. 05 of the tournament.


Subaru lives in San Frans on 1980. Thirty years later he moved to Monkayo as the government officials starting now on July 1. When our Subaru was discovered he try to join us in that day but lost against Habeas that who will compete against Jayvees. His information doesn't revealed yet.


Subaru's reaction was disappointed so he was placed in Seat Helper No. 05. His opponent was Nara. Subaru had won the game with the score of 322-211 and gain the position of Seat Helper No. 05.


  • Subaru was name after the red car of Japan.
  • Subaru's name was used by Shuichi Akai of Detective Conan to hide his identity against the Black Organization. (Subaru Okiya)