Wright is a defense lawyer making his defendant innocent and finding its real killer. Wright took many cases since his debut until his disbarment. Then some people convincing him to retook the bar exam so many fans would support Wright for the future that is Dual Destinies. Now Wright finally regain his badge back and now he is the new international attorney and he works for the country of Kurain on Gyakuten Saiban 6.



He and Jayvees are friends and helping each other. Jayvees is the one who encourage him to play Scrabble. Jayvees is extremely happy when Wright becomes the champion of Scrabble Photos Tournament.


He and Edgeworth are rival and friends with each other. They fight in more than ten courtrooms with each other in some cases. Edgeworth is also his rival because he is a prosecutor while Wright was a defense attorney.


He and Apollo working on the same company of Wright Anything Agency. Apollo is a greenhorn attorney with rocking voice and great at perceiving witness.


He and Athena working on the same company of Wright Anything Agency. Athena is a psyche attorning with confident attitude and great at psychology (like watching witness emotions).


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Wright registering his tournament with such reasons. First, is to fight Edgeworth with this tournament for their respective pictures but it never happens. Wright is victorious against Cvong on First Round with the score of (319-288). Wright is victorious again against Anonay on Second Round with the score of (288-267). Wright won again on Third Round or Quarter Finals against Viceroy. Wright wons the Semi Finals against Eahgnod. And now Wright won against Versong two times in Finals and now become its first champion and successfully make that picture to facebook profile.

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Wright enters Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 registered as Player No. 0013. Even he is the first champion he wasn't selected to enter Player positions instead he was chosen as Cameraman No. 06. Wright become aweful emotion and is in tears that he is no longer to reign the series. Wright's opponent for Cameraman No. 06 is Karl the summoner from Brave Frontier of Akras Summoner's Hall. Wright was defeated against Karl with the score of (259-289) and unable to gain the role.


  • Wright is a renowned defense attorney famous for turning hopeless cases around and getting his defendant found innocent, as well as finding the real killer.[1]


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