Yosemite is a beautiful land in National Park. It is first appeared in Episode 1 and used by Cyan on his battle. The Yosemite has a black and white, like night and winter version because it is more beautiful and best in Desktop Background it was first held early 21st century like now.

The New Era of ScraboutEdit

Yosemite appears to be black and white and the full color couldn't reveal and it is the user of Cyan Hadonow to becoming him stronger against Nortis.


Yosemite: A beautiful land in National Park.

The black and white version of the Yosemite.

Cyan Sea of VengeanceEdit

Yosemite appears for the second time with colorful and different background that he uses for blackmails Jayvees to stop using the Autumn Forest because his background can repel of all his background and his strength is increasingly high. He leaves the rest for Viper and the background will reveal before battling Viper.

Player VersionEdit

Yosemite is a participant of Scrabble Photos Tournament 2 and registering under the Player No. 0095 and takes the position of Contestant No. 11 and the opponent was Albatross.