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You as the judge of tournament (anime).
Vital statistics
Title Preceptor (40)
Gender Male
Status Single
Appearances Episode 10
Portrayed by Jayvdale
Birthday June 9
Age 25
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You is the recurring character of the Scrabout franchise.


You is the socialite and maybe the power of the shield-mania, he makes a debut in tournaments, You is revealed via silhouette on the carpet backstage, he clashed John Rey for the battle because he is the one who push Brylle and Hint but he is lacking of evidences that he uses cloaking device or hacking Jayvees's background. He is hosting the game after the clashed which he was judge not Adjaua for similar reasons.

You was accused as a culpritEdit

Someone who accuses You easily when Hint blunts Brylle and he had sense his false aura on him.

You was host of the scrabble tournamentEdit

Suddenly, You was the main host of the battle unknowingly Versong mentions it by details

You was fighting his victimsEdit

You fight his opponent via suffix and prefixes or combined words to intimidate and understimate himself and Jayvees discovers You's powers.


You uses a phrase that which means he combine word horizontally.