Zuzela lives from Benguet but his family force him to live in Matina Pangi, Davao City for scrabble careers and he accept their decision because he is the submissive son. He one of the four judges of Scrabble Photos Tournament (2015).

Scrabble Photos Tournament Edit

Zuzela entered Scrabble Photos Tournament with No. 0016 selected as Judge Seat. Zuzela likes to take a judge role but he likes to be contestant more. He takes Judge No. 03 East and his opponent was Gassapar.

Zuzela was victorious to Gassapar with the score of 368-330 and also the best fight in Judge Seat. Zuzela gain the Judge Seat No. 03. Zuzela made this far and was one of the highest scored played in the event.

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